12-14 June 2022 at Brecon Cathedral

A cross-disciplinary conference exploring notions of conviviality, social well-being, and the good life rooted in local landscapes, heritage, and social identities. Inspired by the writings of the American agrarian philosopher, conservationist, poet, and novelist Wendell Berry, participants will explore together how local landscapes and heritage have engendered or can support sustainable communities. The conference will feature keynote lectures, interdisciplinary paper panels, and a concluding panel discussion, as well as a Cathedral tour and a possible walk taking in local landscape and heritage.

Memories rooted in landscapes

How are social memories and local culture shaped by their landscapes? How do memories rooted in landscapes shape communities?

How do social memories connect with and impact local landscapes? How is memory inscribed into natural surroundings?

Conviviality & social well-being

What does it mean for communities to live well with their local landscapes & heritage? How might this connect with notions of sustainability & social well-being?

Is there a link between ecology and heritage? How do people interact with their local landscapes & heritage in a global, consumer society?

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Inhabiting Memories & Landscapes Conference
Brecon Cathedral, Cathedral Close, Brecon LD3 9DP
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